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World of Remodel offers residential and commercial renovation services in Aurora, IL. We handle everything from siding replacements, painting services, and major home renovations. We've renovated hundreds of homes in Aurora, Wheaton & St. Charles, IL and surrounding areas since 1980, and we'd love to transform your house into your dream home.

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What is a 203K Renovation?

A 203k loan is a home improvement loan. Buying a brand-new home with modern updates can feel impossible with a limited budget, and many homebuyers set their sights on fixer-uppers. Taking out a 203k loan can give you the funding you need to complete any type of home renovation.

Whether it is a home style or limited/streamline loan, call World of Remodel today. Our remodeling contractor is certified to help you with your 203k renovation in Aurora, Wheaton & St. Charles, IL.

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